domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011


Quedan invitados a la presentación que realizará el artista plástico Hernán Flores junto a la Prof. María Laura Galizia, "Stories Without Words," el sábado 29 de octubre del corriente de 14:15 a 15:30 hs en el salón 405 en el IES en Lenguas Vivas J. R. Fernàndez, Pelegrini 1515, de esta ciudad de Buenos Aires, en el marco de la primer convención AEXALEVI First Convention "Beyond Literature into the Media, Culture and Art", declarada de interés por el Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Resolución Nº 525/10/2011.

María Laura Galizia holds a degree as an English Teacher from Lenguas Vivas Teachers? Training College, where she also completed a post-graduate course in Contemporary English Literature. She has been working at Asociación Ex Alumnos del Lenguas Vivas for many years now where she currently trains students in the Multimedia Center, specializing in listening and speaking skills development. She works also in higher education at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes as a lecturer on Reading Comprehension in English for several courses of study. At present, she is writing a paper for her postgraduate degree in Virtual Education. She is an enthusiastic professional in English teaching in general, and literature in particular, this occasion being a special tribute to her many teachers, colleagues and friends.

Hernán Flores studied Art and Drama at Escuela Municipal de Bellas Artes Carlos Morel and Photography at Escuela Municipal León F. Rigolleau. He has been an illustrator for several books, plays, television programmes and films, for which he has also done the storyboards. He has carried out Live Art by creating pictures on the spot in various scenarios, including television. He has won several prizes for his photographs and caricatures. He has held numerous exhibitions of his work. He is an Art teacher in his own studio and a free-lance illustrator.